Driving Cross Country

So I’m helping my mom drive across the country this week. She got a promotion and has to be there by November 3rd, so we packed up the car and started across on Halloween. What does this have to do with writing, you ask?


The first two days we were in the car for 15 and 12 hours, respectively. Today we were in the car for about 9 and a half hours. And tomorrow, we’ve still got 6-7 hours to go. It’s seriously cut into my writing time, especially since it’s NaNo this month as well. I’m shooting for 60,000 words this month which means I have to get 2k each day.

I did ok yesterday, writing 1,800 so I have to make up the 200 today to stay on track. I’ve still got to rework my outline and submit it again to be reviewed. I’ll be working on it tomorrow when we finally reach our destination.

Even though I haven’t been able to write as much as I want, this idle time has given me the ability to read a lot of books. Now that I’m actively writing, I find I dissect books differently. I really look at how the writer describes their world, how the characters are introduced, whether or not they change POVs and if so, when and how do they make that transition. It’s given me a lot to think about for my book.


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