NaNo Update

It’s the 10th of November and I’m 1/3rd of the way though NaNo. I’m on track for the NaNo word count (I’m sitting at 17,249 now) but I’m behind for my personal wordcount (should be at 20k today). While I’m behind, I’m not going to beat myself up for it. This is farther than I’ve ever gotten on any of my writing, and I don’t see myself quitting at all! Major plus. *\^_^/*

I thought today would be a good time to do an update of my novel. I’m not ready to post an excerpt since my writing is complete crap right now (I can’t wait until I can edit the garbage out in December!) but I do want to update about my characters.

Cassidy (MFC): She’s a restaurant owner but I didn’t know what type of restaurant she wanted to have. Through a conversation with Micah I realized she’s vegetarian. While her restaurant isn’t going to be totally vegetarian since she’s going to cater to the fact that the town is by a lake (prime fishing location), it will have a healthy bent to it. After NaNo I’ll go through healthy/vegetarian/vegan recipes to see what her restaurant will offer.

Micah (MMC): He’s still mainly a mystery to me, which is not good since he’s my one of my main characters. As he is now, he’s more vulnerable than I originally pictured him. Oh he’ll become more alpha male when he finally hooks up with Cassidy but for now, he’s the guy next door who’s been in love with her since they first met. I think I’m writing him like this since I haven’t fully formed him in my head. I don’t know his history yet so I struggle to figure out why he reacts the way he does. There have been a lot of flashbacks into his past which will be edited out of the actual story once I get a feel for him.

Becca (Cassidy’s friend from college): Apparently she decided she wanted to be a werewolf too. I was writing a scene where Cassidy and Becca are talking and Becca just started spouting out facts about werewolf packs and the mating ritual… So she’s a werewolf who already has her mate.

So that’s my update. If you’re doing NaNo or any other type of writing, where are you at in your story? And how do you get into your character’s heads enough to know them intrinsically?


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