5k Challenge

I wrote 5k on Tuesday last and I felt so empowered. I made up and surpassed my NaNo word count and it showed me that my only limitation for my writing is myself. I broke my writing record that day. At the end I had written more words for a creative project than I had ever written before. Every single word I continue to write in my NaNo is breaking my record all over again. I can do it. I can cross the NaNo finish line by the end of the month.

In honor of my 5k day, I want to do a challenge this week. Everyday I’m going to write 5,000 words each day. I’ve gotten past the internal editor now. I know the writing is crap in some places…ok in a lot of places…but I know I have to get it on the page and then I can go back in December and edit it. So this week is a way for me to pound out my word count. I’ve gotten a little behind for my personal word count goal (I should be at 22k as of Sunday and I’m sitting at 18,442) so these 5k days will help me get on track and surpass my goal.

If I make my challenge this week, I’ll break 50,000 words by next Sunday. My story won’t be over but I’ll have 95% of it done.

Wish me luck!


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One thought on “5k Challenge

  1. Jo November 12, 2012 at 5:59 am Reply

    Congrats on 5K and good luck!

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