5k Challenge Day 1 Reflections

Yesterday was the first day in my personal 5k challenge. I got close, 3,559 words to be exact, but I didn’t reach my goal. I had less that 1.5k to go but the clock ticked over into a new day and I realized I had to get some sleep; I knew today was gonig to be hectic.

So reflections: (1) Don’t put off writing 5k until you only have 3 hours left in the day. For three hours I did really well but to reach my goal I have to start sooner. There’s no real reason why I didn’t start writing earlier in the day but I could blame it on being tired and wanting to spend time with my mom on my second to last day in Ohio. I’m not going to see her again for a couple of months so when we finally did roll out of bed, we spent it at the movies.

(2) I have to go back to writing in the morning. That way, if I do have a busy day or want to take a break and watch Eureka on Netflix, I can, without my writing goal looming over my head.

(3) Sprints are a must. They are one of the few ways I can really focus on my story and put all my effort into it. The small breaks inbetween are jsut perfect for refreshing my brain and getting the creative juices flowing again.

So I have some work todo. While I didn’t make my goal for day 1, and I might not today since I’m travelling, I will still met my 50k goal by the end of the week. I’ll just pound out the words when I get home.

Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “5k Challenge Day 1 Reflections

  1. jenniesisler November 14, 2012 at 8:42 am Reply

    It sounds like you’re really learning a lot about yourself and your writing style through the whole Nano thing. I think that’s probably the real goal, and I admire that you have turned off your internal editor – I can’t do that with mine. Unless I put duct tape over her mouth and tie her to a chair;)

  2. […] and it’s interesting what you learn in the process. I wrote up a reflection for day 1 (found here) and I still agree with the assessment made. But in the past few days I’ve realized a lot […]

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