5k Challenge Reflections Day 2-4

It’s the end of day 4 of my 5k challenge week and it’s interesting what you learn in the process. I wrote up a reflection for day 1 (found here) and I still agree with the assessment made. But in the past few days I’ve realized a lot more about myself and my writing habits.

Day 2: I wrote 5,026 words almost all of which was written on a plane.

Reflection: I didn’t want to write on the plane. The seats are tiny, there’s barely enough room to stretch out your arms to type…it sucked. But I knew i needed to utilize the 4 hours I had on the plane so I sucked it up and wrote a little less than 4,800 words. Moral of the story: You can write anywhere and at any time. No excuses.

Day 3: I wrote 533 words for NaNo and 900 for a flash fiction (Thunder). I blame my lack of words on jet-lag.

Reflection: I really like short pieces better than a long drawn out piece. The 900 word flash fiction was so easy to me and it sparked my curiosity. Just six words sparked an idea and I ran with it. I realized that I need to start thinking of my NaNo in terms of small individual pieces. It’s easier for me to write when I think it’s a standalone piece and since it’s a first draft, I can go back and edit it all together so it flows.

Secondly, I completely disregarded the moral of day 2 and decided to have an excuse. I could have written but chose not to. Was I tired from the traveling and going across 3 time zones, yes. Could I still have written, yes. At the end of day 3 I didn’t really know what it was that was stopping me, I just had this urge to not write. To take a break and just let it sit.

Day 4 (today): Words written = 0.

Reflection: I need to give myself a break. Yes I can get mad that I’m not making my 5k goal each day but I’m still ahead of my writing goal. Do I need to put more emphasis on my writing now that I’m home, yes, but I also realized that being at home is draining in a different way than traveling is.

When I was traveling, I didn’t have to worry about the day to day stuff. I didn’t have to worry about who’s going to feed the animals, or take the trash out, or go grocery shopping. I could just write and my biggest worry was, where I was going to eat that day. Now that I’m home, I’m looking around and I see all the things that need to be organized, the backyard that needs to be cleaned before it starts raining heavily, etc. etc. So I can’t just sit and write or nothing will get done. I had to go to the grocery store because there was literally nothing to eat in the house and I’m tired of fast food.

So it’ll take some adjusting to being back home especially since I didn’t have a writing routine before I left. But it’s time well spent figuring out what will work for me in this space.


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One thought on “5k Challenge Reflections Day 2-4

  1. Susan November 16, 2012 at 4:34 am Reply

    Really enjoyed your post today. I struggle with maintaining a regular writing routine, and that confuses me, since I love to write so think I should be doing it all the time! Also, I have no memory! So writing the long novel is just not going to happen, because I spend all my time re-reading what I’ve written and can’t remember having written it! Hey-ho. Maybe I should’ve been an accountant!

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