Two Stories At Once??

I’ve never been a fan of reading more than one book at a time. I can never keep track of what happens in one book verses another. Oh the big things are easy to figure out, like the entire plot arc, but it’s the small things that get lost. Even if the books are different genres and premises, there’s still things that bleed together.

I’ve realized I’m the same with writing. I’m supposed to be writing a gift fic for a Secret Santa exchange and it’s due today. Obviously I’m late on it (bad D. Ann) but I’ve come to realize it’s because I really can’t keep two stories in my head at once. I’m so focused on my NaNo novel that every time I try to think of a plot line – and mind you, I only need to write 5,000 words for the Secret Santa, so it’s not like it’s rocket science – I get stuck. I get a few hundred words in and can’t figure out where to go from there.

I don’t want to back out. Even if there is a pinch hitter waiting in the wings to write the story. It’s just my stupid mind doesn’t want to think of anything longer than 1,000 words on another story. I’ve started and stopped this story more than a few times. The exchange doesn’t happen for two weeks so I’m thinking I might just ask for an extension.

I’ll be done with NaNo on Wednesday which will give me more than enough time to write the story since I’m not doing anything for Thanksgiving. Well anyway, I’m off to try my hand at another plot arc for this baby. Wish me luck



2 thoughts on “Two Stories At Once??

  1. Sam @ Realm of Fiction November 26, 2012 at 1:43 pm Reply

    Good luck! I hope it goes well. I’m not a writer, but I completely feel the same way about reading two books at once. I will do it occasionally, but it’s usually too much for my poor brain. 😉

  2. Lindsey November 26, 2012 at 2:25 pm Reply

    It’s good that you are so committed to your NaNoWriMo project! I’m so impressed with everyone who is writing away this month. 🙂

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