Only 20 More Days Until I Can Sleep

So this update is going to be short and sweet. I’ve been really tired the past few days, drove cross country and it finally caught up with me, but I’ve been staying on track with my writing…well mostly anyway.

Writing Goals

NaNoWriMo (Goal: 2k per day): I’m behind. As of 11:45pm Nov 10th, I’m sitting at 17,249 words when I should be at 20k.

General (Goal: Write every morning): So I did it once and then took two days off where I didn’t really write. Going to work on it again for the coming week.


Pen, Paper & Imagination (Goal: post everyday about my writing): I’ve posted every day, yay! Updating this blog is super easy since writing is what I’m focusing on for November. However, I will have to figure out what I should do once November is over, i.e. blog every week, have certain topics, etc.

Quiet Contemplations (Goal: blog 3x per week): After I switched NaBloPoMo and my writing blogging, to this blog, I haven’t been updated my personal one. I feel like I’ve been neglecting it so I’m going to focus on it this week.

Overflowing Bookshelves (Goal: Draft posts for the rest of the year): I’ve worked on some but I’ve gotten sidetracked with a new game. Hopefully when I fly back home on Tuesday and get settled back in I can work on it.

Jusani Blogging Goals (Goal: Draft the last 3 articles): Didn’t work on it. Will make a list of ideas this week and starting thinking about how to write them.

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NaNo Update

It’s the 10th of November and I’m 1/3rd of the way though NaNo. I’m on track for the NaNo word count (I’m sitting at 17,249 now) but I’m behind for my personal wordcount (should be at 20k today). While I’m behind, I’m not going to beat myself up for it. This is farther than I’ve ever gotten on any of my writing, and I don’t see myself quitting at all! Major plus. *\^_^/*

I thought today would be a good time to do an update of my novel. I’m not ready to post an excerpt since my writing is complete crap right now (I can’t wait until I can edit the garbage out in December!) but I do want to update about my characters.

Cassidy (MFC): She’s a restaurant owner but I didn’t know what type of restaurant she wanted to have. Through a conversation with Micah I realized she’s vegetarian. While her restaurant isn’t going to be totally vegetarian since she’s going to cater to the fact that the town is by a lake (prime fishing location), it will have a healthy bent to it. After NaNo I’ll go through healthy/vegetarian/vegan recipes to see what her restaurant will offer.

Micah (MMC): He’s still mainly a mystery to me, which is not good since he’s my one of my main characters. As he is now, he’s more vulnerable than I originally pictured him. Oh he’ll become more alpha male when he finally hooks up with Cassidy but for now, he’s the guy next door who’s been in love with her since they first met. I think I’m writing him like this since I haven’t fully formed him in my head. I don’t know his history yet so I struggle to figure out why he reacts the way he does. There have been a lot of flashbacks into his past which will be edited out of the actual story once I get a feel for him.

Becca (Cassidy’s friend from college): Apparently she decided she wanted to be a werewolf too. I was writing a scene where Cassidy and Becca are talking and Becca just started spouting out facts about werewolf packs and the mating ritual… So she’s a werewolf who already has her mate.

So that’s my update. If you’re doing NaNo or any other type of writing, where are you at in your story? And how do you get into your character’s heads enough to know them intrinsically?

Late Night Writing

I told myself that I was going to start writing in the morning. I saw the effect writing within the first hour of waking up had earlier this week and I told myself I was going to continue it. But I haven’t. I’m back to the late night, trying to outrun the clock, writing.

While there’s nothing bad about writing late at night, I do need to work on creating a schedule for myself. Being up late does nothing more than make me wake up later and feel like crap for the whole day.

And it’s killing me. I can’t focus at all and the only reason why I’m even still writing is because I’m behind on my NaNo. I need about 500 more words to break 15k and I’m going to break that today. I’m going to pound it out, even if I have to write up until 11:59pm.


Writing Slumps

I haven’t written more than 166 words in the past two days. And I don’t know why that is. I’m in a writing slump, which isn’t good with NaNo looming over my head. While I’m still on track word count wise, I will be feeling it later on. The fact is, if it’s easy to miss basically two days worth of writing, it will be easier to fall into not writing at all.

If I can force myself to blog at 11:45 at night because the thought on not blogging one day bothers me so much that I have to get up and log on, then I know I can feel this way about writing as well. I just have to get over this slump and make it up tomorrow.

New Website: ROW80 Check In

A few weeks ago I was contemplating starting a writing specific website. Quiet Contemplations was designed to be a blog about my reflections on the world around me, myself, and my growth. However, it became all about writing. I realized then that I needed to separate the writing from the other goals so that when I become published, people who want to know about my writing process can have one place to look, and people who want to follow along on my journey to self-discovery can have a designated place to follow.

That decision launched Pen, Paper & Imagination, my writing blog where I’ll now be posting all my ROW80 check in’s. The new blog has changed some of my writing goals for ROW80 so check below for updates.

Writing Goals

NaNoWriMo: Write 2,000 words per day for a total of 60,000 words by the end of the month. I’m currently at 13019 words and I still need to write today.

General: Write every morning within 30 minutes of getting up.


Pen, Paper & Imagination: I’m doing NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo this month so I’ll be posting everyday about my writing adventures.

Posts will be anything that has to do with my writing process, so updates, tips I’ve used, things I’ve learned, etc.

Quiet Contemplations: Focus posts on travel, meditation, minimalism, and the 101 goals in 1001 days challenge I’m participating in.

Overflowing Bookshelves: Draft posts for the rest of the year. Start with the three meme’s I participate in – Sunday Showcase, It’s Monday, and Waiting on Wednesday – and continue with cover reveals, promos, and reviews.

Jusani Blogging Goals: Draft the last 3 articles for my internship by Sunday. 

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Sprints and Rewards of Change

So I blogged a few days ago about starting a new habit. This month I’m focusing on writing every day and I decided to switch up what time I do it at. From now on, I’m going to write within the first hour of getting up. 

Today was the first time I participated in a sprint and the first time that I wrote in the morning. And the rewards were amazing. In 45 minutes I had written 2,525 words and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. I have the rest of my day free to do whatever I wanted, some of which was spent taking a well deserved nap since I was running on 4 hours of sleep. 

I think sprints worked for me because I would write for 10 minutes or 20 minutes then take a break. Instead of wondering when I would be done or trying to get to a certain word count, all I had to do was make it to the end of the 20 minutes. I can regroup during the break and figure out where I want the scene to go next. Or, I can just chit chat with the fellow sprinters and talk about everything except writing. 

I like the feeling of having my whole day ahead of me. So I’m going to keep it up. I’m going to write in the morning and blog before 5pm (I’m going to work on getting that down to noon). Here’s to building new habits. ^_^

Overbooked or Using Time Wisely

FOr some reason, I still haven’t learned not to overbook myself. Or at least using what time I have wisely. I signed up for some book blog tours over at Overflowing Bookshelves, knowing that I was also doing NaNo this month. I already had my ROW80 goals to contend with but I decided at the last minute to add in NaBloPoMo…

Why do I keep doing this to myself. My blog tour was actually for the second book in a series, which meant I needed to read the first book, which I’ve been doing all day. When I could have taken the time to write, i.e. in the morning like I SAID I was going to start doing in yesterday’s blog post (hint, hint, if you can’t figure it out, I didn’t write this morning), or when I watched those two episodes of Eureka, I did other things.

So now I’m making myself log at least 30 minutes of writing. I’m already behind on my personal NaNo goal but I need to keep up the habit of writing everyday. Hell, the only reason I’m blogging today is because I got in the habit of posting everyday when I did NaBloPoMo last month on Quiet Contemplations. So I know it works. I have to blog everyday, even if I don’t want to, even if I’m tired. There’s no option not to blog.

And as much as I would just love to not open my WIP right now, it’s open and waiting for me to start writing. I’ll build this habit even if it kills me. I’ll try again tomorrow to write & blog in the morning so I can take the afternoon to watch TV, read, or do the boring side of blogging.